۱۳۸۷ شهریور ۴, دوشنبه

Dreaming to goal or Goal a dream!

Randy Pausch was a digital art professor in CMU who died less than a month ago from pancreatic cancer . He was famous for his work on virtual reality researches with EA and Disney,based on imaginary. After he found out about his disease, he delivered his last lecture titled Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams (original video on googlevideo). If you have time,just watch his video and then see how did you reach your childhood dreams or maybe not yet!

To break the ice, start with myself.When I was a child,like age 11-12, I had some personal dreams.Personal means not talking about family or other people or counties or whatever!Just about me.I always wanted to be a teacher.some one who knows some thing special and deliver it to other people in Speaking way!Not just a common teacher,but some body who is funny in teaching and friendly with students.Using new methods and always be up to date in every thing,not just what he teaches.

My other dream was to publish a newspaper,magazine or some thing similar.With nice cover and professional columns .Not to be a writer,but an editor.Some one to give ideas to others and make it correct for publishing.Some one who is creative in writing and adequate on his society.

I always liked to live in other country,not just visit.To see different living styles and traditional ceremonies and learning other languages.Touching new ideas and feeling them from very close.Maybe fall in love with one of them and stay to learn and learn and then,coming back to my home town and represent it for others.

Playing professionally for a sport team like football or basketball was another dream.raising the trophy, cheering up the spectators and be in the memories for years.This one was typical for every children,even me!

I finish with these four,beside so many small ones,but was I successful to reach these dreams?Or Am I still in the way or may be,like so many other people,I lost my dreams...

Let's see!

First to be a teacher,or better to say a lecturer,I tried my best at my university in Iran! Every week,there were some classes that I could teach some thing I was learnt before, out side or inside the Uni.Even a writing literature class,how to write proper article! Not very frequent but I was happy in the class and even using a new method to teach that was paperless for the students!No body needed a note book to write down and they could remember every thing for the next session!On the other side,surprisingly I was a good speecher!Easily speaking in front of 500-600 people about some topics without any note was some thing I did it for a few times!

Second to be an editor, first I tried to enter a very good journalism university at the age of 18.Although it happened,but I changed my university to an engineering department. Hence trying to start a student-magazine in my faculty,which was very hard because of so many ridiculous criteria,But with help of my friends,Finlay we published the first independent newspaper in our university,some thing that never happened again!Even some local magazines published my stories and articles about the diplomatic views!It was fantastic!I can not describe the feeling when I saw my magazine in people's hand!I could not believe that some one would Pay to Buy some thing to Read my ideas about the any thing!So second was done!

Third has happened since 2 years ago.Coming abroad to study in some thing that here, they are the best on it in the world and on other side ,living in another culture and society with completely different conditions in compare of the place that I was grown up!Already planning how to convey the good stuff in here to my country and make a Strong connection between two different side of the world!Hard to do,takes time but future is bright!

Finlay,dreaming about to be a professional sport man,well, I spent some time with some youth clubs and played for my secondary school and university basketball team ,but to be honest, never liked the environment around there!Not talking so much about it because may be I was in a wrong position to decide but,still a very enthusiastic sport fan!

Well,as you see,I have achieved most of my dreams!Not in a proper way but at least tried my best.May be my dreams were not so big that I reached them in this age or may be I have to make some new dreams for my self again.Here I think is the difference between a Dream and a Goal! You have to plan for your goals and with trying hard you will get it.But If you want to achieve your dreams,you need more than planning and working hard! you need a secret!try to find your secret inside of yourself...

My secret is 只有 !

Beso para usted !

۱۳۸۷ مرداد ۳۰, چهارشنبه

Watch Out!

Ok!that's fine!sitting on the seat,STARING to the pc and reading every thing coming in front of your eyes!starting from the result of Netherlands football second division to amount of monkeys with long tale in whole of the world!
Some times STARING to your mobile phone for ringing,wishing to ring,even a beep for a message!nothing! Again you...
rest your arm,STARING to your map,sticked to the wall,demonstrating the old empire,the place your fathers was ruling.STARING at borders of this place,it's half of the world.Feeling shame that as a son of those fathers,you just stare!
Not a good reason to blink ,just stare!stare to the sun,make you cry but at least,feeling different!Pain!you like pain,make you believe that still alive!
STARING at your self in the mirror,touching the new wrinkles on your front,feeling every hair that you lose and eventually,sleeping to see some new world in your dream!
And writing,for who?some person that grammar call it ((YOU))!

Now you stare!



۱۳۸۷ مرداد ۲۹, سه‌شنبه

BIg Bang!

Starting to write in English is a big mission for me that I'm trying to do it .

Writing about the life,views,social observing and a brief of the discussion that happens between the Friends can be good ideas to bring down in this weblog.

Some times like to do some thing in Persian or explaining traditional stuff. I'd like to write down some thing about the course that I do in here as well. Here means England!

To start, Olympic is the current events that shows countries abilities in science,solidarity,programming,managing and Finlay physical exercising.

It's nice that so many athletes from whole of the world coming to attend in a same field ,SPORT! Target is raising up the spirit of competition and on the side,good business for the host country .
I read in the news,that My country has spent nearly 5 million pound for preparing the athletes to come and play their games in Beijing! I can say,they could make about 3 big factories in Iran with that money that at least give 1000 young people permanent job. 1000 jobs means at least saving 5000 people's economical condition and Finlay,making hope of good life in the future for their kids.
On the other hand,if some successes happen in Beijing,it will have a world wide reflect for Iranian system.
Well,the money has gone! So I wish at least they can bring us some gold or silver or bronze from Chinese mines!

As ta la vista !