۱۳۸۷ آبان ۱۳, دوشنبه

Falling high!

This post can be very funny for most of you,especially my close friends,but I am going to talk about the first time I got HIGH!

For those who know me,it's clear that I am out of smoking,drinking and other good stuff! Never tried any of them since last night,It was pleasure to be introduced with the lightest happy maker instrument , sheesha! First of all it was all white smoking coming out from my poor mouth and after that,a bit coughing and then relaxing time started.My mind was absent for some minutes and after that,every thing was back to normal.My friend who was accompanying with me,advice to push more smoke inside of lungs, and the result was different! Every thing looks nice,all of bad thoughts disappeared and a strange feeling of happiness was replaced with that. Sky looked more lower than usual and earth was greater place to live! I tried to get rid of this feeling,but it was impossible,so I pushed myself to think about bad things,worse you can imagine!It did not work!I was thinking about some body attack my country,killing and burning and destroying every thing,but even a small sadness for me!

I was scared!

It was unbelievable for me to not be angry or sad of bad things!

Have you ever seen in old Arabic movies,all of the people are sitting around small tables,outside of coffee shops and smoking sheesha for about 3-4 hours and just chatting.even same in Iran,but more inside the houses in old times.Was not it the best way of escaping sadness and feeling of contempt ?

It was!

I promised myself not to do it again,never be far from my thoughts,hopes,passions and loves.

My mind needs to be conscious all the time,every second,always be turned on!

no estar de acuerdo?

Write it down my friends!